Blue shift dress

4:19 AM

I think its been a quite long time since my last post. :(
I'm sorry it's because i'm on internship right now and it's kinda hard for me to find a time to take a photo of my outfit. :')
Today, i went shopping with my mom looking for some intern outfit. I was looking for sleeved peplum blouse, but i couldn't find it any where in the mall. All i can find is the sleeveless one :(. Even i couldnt find any pleplum top that i want, but i purchased this blue shift dress. I chose this one because j think that it might be easy to combine and still looking chic. Hahahaha
Im sorry if these photo below is not in its best quality, because i took them with my tablet, not my camera (i left it in my aunt's house)

Dress: The Excecutive

thanks for reading!  

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