before the day

7:27 AM

It's been a while since the  last post of mine. i've been quite busy lately, and like super tired :(
Today, is D-1 of the 3rd Rock The Vote Universitas Indonesia (see here ), and it was quite hectic especially for  my boyfriend (he's the project officer) LOL. 
Today's weaher was quite hot and sunny, so i decide to wear something comfortable like t-shirt, and flat shoes. 
Right now, i'm thinking about the outfit that i'm going to wear tomorrow, because it's quite tricky and "challenging" ahahaha (i have to wear Rock The Vote T-Shirt, and it fits me "really" well). Maybe everyone thinks that i'm crazy and super weird because i'm taking this "outfit" thing so seriously, but for me it's totally fine and i think it's a way of life :D 


I'm wearing:
Black T shir (unbranded)
Stripes pencil skirt (gaudi)
Necklace (DIY)
Bag (Ribbon)
Shoes (Shoecorner)

Thanks for reading! I'll keep you posted ;)

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