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Hi! It's a late post actually, i should have post this yesterday, but i was so exhausted. Yesterday i participated as a tutor in "Rock The Vote" Indonesia, that held by Center of Election and Political Parties  FISIP Universitas Indonesia (CEPP FISIP UI). This event's, well maybe it wasn't just an event but it's a movement (let's say), purpose is to give the young voters of Indonesia (from age 17-29) the knowledge and education about politics, democracy, and election, for example like: "why should i vote?" and the impact of our voice in the election and for the future of this country. The participants were coming from high schools in Jabodetabek and also some communities from the society. 

i'm so happy to help. and i'm so happy that what i've already studied for this past three years could be useful, not just for me but also for another pepole. in my opinion, go to the "TPS" and vote your candidate is such a really important thing, not just because it's our rights, but because it could decide our country's future and how will it go for the thext five years. some people might think and say that it will be better if we go "golput" (not to vote), but i think that kind of "golput" thing will not solve the problem. some people are golput because they think that there's no one capable of being a President or our representatives, they think that the candidates are courrupt and have such a bad attitude. I think that maybe right, that our candidate might be like that, but i still think that from those bad canditate there must be one who is better than the other, there must be one that match your criteria. so choose the person! Don't ever think of going golput, because your vote, event it just one vote, might affect this country for like five years.

For more information about Rock The Vote IndonesIa, you might check out their twitter: @rockthevote_id

okay, back to the outfit!

You might think that i was wearing an actual vest, but it’s actually noy a vest. it’s a scarf! yeah. the reason why i’m wearing a vest yesterday it was because my tshirt is too tight. i’m a lil bit skinny, so if i’m wearing anything that too tight, i might look like really-really skinny. This kind of outfit is comfortable for me, and suits me really well, especially when i need to be so mobile back then. haha

what i wore:

Beige pashmina (worn as vest), white rock the vote id t-shirt, Luna Maya for Hardware Belt, Bershka Jeans, Misyelle Boots, Mario Bags, necklace from Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua and Random Bracelet from Bali.

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