Hippie Friday

8:56 AM

I'm wearing this outfit today for campus. and today i also had mu midterm exam, and omfg! it wasn’t that hard, but it was quite tiring, because there was so many things for me to write! And after finished my exam, i still have to attend a replacement class that takes 3 hours long! i was soooo hungry back then.

This picture was taken by my boyfriend, when we were walking to the car park. (as you can see that there’s no parking sign behind me). Too bad that i didn’t take the photo when the sun stills up :(

Ilook so tired in this photo, and yes, i was tired, because i just finished my class, that took three hours long, 3pm to 6pm. i took this photo right after i finished my class and was heading to my car.

My favorite item from this outfit is probably the headband and the necklace. as for the headband, i made it my self! i saw it from PS I Made This and for the necklace, i bought it in Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua last year a week after Ied, and it was such a great deal! i bouhht three necklace, and it only less than 150k rupiahs! (i guess it was 135k). So, if you wanna shop for accessories, you might consider pasar pagi mangga dua. especially after any special occassions like Ied or Chrismas. i guess they gonna give you such a great deal!

What i wear: DIY Headpiece, Unbrandbed Black Necklace, Fatboy Tosca Top, Unbranded White Dress, Misyelle Green Boots, and Mario Black Hanbag.

this is the shoes that i was wearing
well, this is for today. 

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