Super-Random Wednesday!

5:22 AM

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today was soooo random! i only got one class today, because my lectures from the second class couldn't come this week. after i finished my first class, i started to make some calls. I called many designers today, and i'm f-in nervous! but on the other side i'm extremely excited! hahaha

the randomness of today was start when my boyfriend ask me to go to monas with him (for who you don't know monas, it's a famous landmark in Jakarta and it's a monument that located in the center of Jakarta (not just located in central Jakarta) ). we were off from campus at 12 and arrived at monas for like 2pm. whoaaaa the traffic was bad! at monas we're taking some photos (see bellow) and yeaaah just walking around. after that, we're randomly went to Istiqlal Mosque (The biggest Mosque in Jakarta or they say it's the biggest in the southeast Asia), where my boy was pray and i stayed at car because i need to send some emails to the designers ( i didn't pray because i'm having my period). After thar, we were trying to find a place to eat. b ut unforunately, because the traffic in Jakarta extremely bad *exaggerating :p*, we decided to go back to Depok and try to find something to eat there. we never planned it to happen today! but it was such a great daaay! wooohooooo!

The weather was really unpredictable lately. At first, it was such a sunny and hot day, but then it turns into rain. not just an ordinary rain, but the hard one. -..-

Okay, let's talk about the outfit!
today, i'm wearing: vest from Kochi Shop ITC Mangga Dua, Plain broken white T's, polkadot skirt, Pierre Cardin Tights, mario bags, handmade braided neon necklace (i made it myself!), and The Little Things She Needs flatshoes.

Thanks For Reading!
Tyana -XO

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