a lil bit tired, maybe..

6:42 AM

Today i'm having my Citizenhip presentation, and i was so nervous. but thank God, it went well, and my lecture said that it wasn't bad at all. i'm a little bit tired today, but i don't  know why. i thought i already had enough sleep, but it seems like my body doesnt agree with that.
Anyway, i'm a lil bit "lazy" today, so i decided to wear something simple and not to dressy, like cardigan tshirts, backpack, boots, and jeans. And today i'm wearing my new shoes and my new backpack. i decided to wear backpack because i needed to carry my laptop with me. it might me a lil "riweuh" if i didn't wear backpack. Today went fast because i only got one subject, and after class i went straight to home. and at home i'm doing another assignment, and during the assignment, i'm posting this! hahaha

the outfit: Shoecorner (shoes), Bershka (Pants), Unbranded (Cardigan), Unbranded (Tshirt), Forever 21 (necklace), Jansport (backpack)

Well, i think that's all for now!
Thanks For Reading!


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