Sun is going down

5:30 AM

Today, was better than yesterday. i got a class in the morning at finished it at 10am, and i need to wait for about 3-4 hours for my next class at 2pm. Thank God, i brought my laptop. i spent my waiting with watching grey's anatomy that i just copied from my friends. hahaha the wait wasn;t boring at all! hahaha

Today i'm going vintage! well, maybe not that vintage. i got this green top from Pasar Senen for just about 5k Rupiahs. the thing that i love from this top is that it has shoulder pads. wohooo.. it also can be used as an outerwear! and for the pants, it shouldn't be skinny like that. at first it was a suit pants, which has a pretty wide leg. Somehow i don't feel comfortable of wearing some thing like suit pants, so i decided to upgrade it. I cut and sew it by myself. and it was hand sew, not machine. hahaha

I took this picts at 5.30pm, when the sun was nearly going down. so, there was lack of sunlight. the first pict was taken with flash, and the others were taken without flash (but i edited them!)

My outfit for today: The Little Things She Needs golden flat shoes, (modified) Cole brown suit pants, Palomino tote bag, Vintage tops from pasar senen, red belt, and unbranded glasses.

Well, i think that's all for today,

Thanks for reading!



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