current obsession

11:41 PM

right now i'm gonna show you the things that i'm obsessed about (or you can tell it's a wish lists of mine). okaaay let's get it started!
1. Neon colors
you might spotted this neon trend everywhere, especially when it comes to the hollywood A-Listers such as Jessica Alba's green and red pants. i'm obessed with neon colors because i think that it's pretty easy to make fashion statement with it, especially when you mix it with neutral colors like black, gray, or white. you can even mix it with another bold colors too! but you must be very confident and careful about it.
wearing neon colored clothes i think it'll bosst your confident, as long as you bring your confident along with you. because if you don't you won't look good at all.
i already purchased a neon colored bag, a Jansport bag last saturday. my mom bought it for me. i'm not a backpack lovers,  but sometimes i feel like i'm gonna need one, especially when i'm going to campus and there's so many things that i need to bring. so i choose neon colored backcpack, because it'll make a statement.

2. Givenchy lucrezia bag
i'm obessed with this bag! well i know that the shape now is pretty common, but i don't know why i love to see this bag! but the price...... don't ever tell me about the price! it's worth more than 23 millions rupiahs. :(

3. Xiao Wen Ju
Xiao Wen Ju is now being one of my favorite Asian Models. i like her because i think her face is unique, like a chinese doll! 
xiao wen ju for Vogue US
Xiao Wen Ju Street Style

well, i think that's all for now
thanks for reading

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