shop day

5:43 AM

today is saturday, and i went shopping with my mom. i'm so excited! after two weeks of exam, i need something to refresh my mind, like going shopping!
but today, i didn't spent much money because i know that i need to save up my money. I went to Pondok Indah Mall and i bought this two pretty necklaces at Forever 21. They both only cost like 69k rupiahs each. it's not really expensive, huh? that's why i love to buy accessories on Forever 21.

the second one is my favorite. i chose it because i think that it was inspired from Givenchy's shark tooth necklace, like this one worn by Errin Wasson straight from the runway. It's pretty similiar isn't it? yeah, but not that similiar, the necklace that i bought is even smaller, and it's not a teeth :p 

beside accessories, i also buy some beauty stuffs like nail polish and new lipstick. For the nail polish, i bought the green color, that looks like emerald green (which is the color of the year). I think the color is pretty bold, and at the same time looks expensive.
for the lipstick, i chose the nude pink color, because i'm going to wear it for my daily make up (let's say make up, but in reality i barely bare make up for my everyday. i usually only use loose powder and lip balm and sometimes eye liner).

overall, i bought 4 pieces and spent less than 300k rupiah. happy! but when i got home, i ordered  a beautiful pair of boots from an online department store. hahahaha i'm trying to limit my budget for shopping, and my target is 500k rupiahs per month. 
one thing that i realize is that even you love fashion so much, you shouldn't waste your money for clothes, you need to make savings. because you don't know what will happen in the future. being fashionable for me is not about how you wear those expensive and beautiful clothes. fashion is about how you wear cheap clothes and how you make it looks expensive on you.

well, i guess that's for now.

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