Game day!

8:14 AM


Today my boyfriend had a football game. I was sooo excited to see him play! ihihi i don't know why. The football match was beetween my batch (batch 2010) versus my junior batch (batch 2012). we win 4-2! wohoooo!

after the match, me and my boy went to pick up my bff Devani, then we off to lunch. Btw, that was the first time Devani meet my Boyfriend. and unfortunately, i forgot to take a pict with devani :(

the teams. my batch was the blue one


The outfit: Green top (as you can see in here) | Forever 21 Necklace | Graphis Denim | Pierre Cardin Thights  | Ribbon Sling Bags | Shoecorner Shoes|

Well, i think it's all for now

Thanks for reading!


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