hot sunny tuesday

6:34 AM

today was extremely hot! it wa ps sunny in the afternoon, but eventually it was turned into rain, a hard one -..-

i only have one class today, which is identity politics and citizenship, and it was quite fun. after class i'm heading to uifw monthly meeting. it was pretty hard for me because we hadn't got any designer who's going to walk on our runway. but beside that i feel so encouraged, and more excited because i know that this will be good for me, this will be a chance for me to overcome my weaknesses, especially being a "Deadliners". i know that i'm gonna meet such a great people in fashion industry and it might be a chance for me to get to know and gaining experience to work in that industry.

today i thought that it was going to be sunny all day long, but i was wrong, it was raining. and not just rain, it was a hard one. because i feel like it's gonna be sunny, i decided to wear this knitted top. i thought it's not gonna be hot, but once again i was wrong. ( i guess i'm not good in predicting the wheather, right?)

the outfit that i wore today:
strawberry headband, unbranded glasses, (x)sml top, Forever 21 necklace, Forever 21 blue pants, Mario bag, and Everbest sandals.

and as usual, my lovely boyfriend took credit on these pict! <3

well, that's all for today! thanks for reading!


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