Gloomy Wednesday

3:42 AM

I'm still in the middle if mid-term week, and thank God this is the last week! and tomorrow i'm gonna have the last test! wooohooooo!

Today i already done my Business and Politics test, and i think i was doing great, but yeah,, still not sure yet, pretty anxious about the result. :s Today was such a gloomy day, the sky is dark, but i don't see the rain falling, and this kind of weather is the one who makes me want to sleep all day and being lazy. haha. but ofcourse i couldn't do that!

Okay, let's talk about the outfit! I'm wearing: xsml necklace, poshboy sweater, wardrobe belt, gaudi skirts, misyelle boots, and my favorite mario bag. actually i didn't plan to wear this sweater, and it's not my sweater, it's actually my lil bro's. i was planning to wear a black plain tshirt with denim vest,  but then i saw the not-so-black sky and i thought that it was going to rain soon, so i decided to wear sweater. and voila! this is what i wore today to campus!

took these picture right after i finished my exam. and these pict were taken by my boy! <3

TYN :*

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