Rainy Saturday

8:23 AM

 Today, i went to campus (even it’s saturday) because i have a pre-event to attend to. well, maybe not a pre event. but it's a final meeting for an event. ( i will tell you tomorrow!)

these photo taken place at the lobby of my university library, and it was raining! such a hard hard rain. that’s why the photo a bit dark, because it was lack of sunlight. (Doh). I feel kinda disappointed, because they look like they've been taken by a camera-phone. (i'm i using my pocket camera). but that's okaaay, the point is that you all still can see my outfit, right?

I bought the top at Pasar Senen, for like Rp10K. It was a big-big and such an oversized top for me. at first, i'm wearing it as a skirt, but then this morning i got an idea to wear it as a top (for the first time), and.... it wasn't bad at all. it even looks good on me. I paired that eversized top with my red legging and boots. and then i decided to add some accessory so it won't look so plain. I also wearing my wayfarer glasses to add some geeky tone in my outfit. 

My favorite piece from this outfit is my DIY necklace. i made it myself, and i’m so happy to wear it. Psssttt.. the necklace should be broken, because it should have like 6 feathers, but there was only 2 that still there haha. but i think it’s not a big problem, because i think that it stills look great! I love to make my own accessory, because i think it's gonna be more original, and different than the other. beside that, i think that accessoriesin the market are being overpriced sometimes. that's why, i prefer to make it on my own. *more economical* 

The other thing is that I’m so glad to wore boots today, because there were so many puddle, and i didn’t need to be worry of my feet getting dirty and wet. haha. It matched perfectly with my outfit!!!

Overall, even it was raing, but i had alot of fun today.. have a lot of chat with my girls, and also had such a great evening with my boyfriend <3

My Outfit today: unbranded top from pasar senen, unbranded wayfarer glasses, unbranded red leggings, luna maya for hardware belt, mario bags, misyelle boots, and DIY necklace.

the rain that happened! it was such a gloomy-gloomy weather!
i'm trying this outfit at home

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