Another Breaking-Fast :)

1:50 AM

Yesterday, me and my friends were breaking fast together in one of my friend's house. I was so happy because we rarely have a chance to come together like this :D
The weather was hot during that day, that's why i chose to wear something like maxi dress, and i combined it with my vintage shirt as an outerwear to make it look more appropriate on this holy month. (even though if it's not holy month, i will still wearing outerwear, except it's on the beach)

My outfit for the day: 
Blue Maxi Dress - Unbranded
Outerwear - Pasar Senen
Ring - Unbranded
Sandals -Charles & Keith 
Bag - Hubsch
Necklaces - from Mirota Yogyakarta

Thanks For Reading!!

 photo sign_zps350c3869.jpg

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