Resort 2014

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Today i'm gonna post some of my favorite looks from Resort 2014.It's pretty refreshing to see new clothes, even i know that i cannot afford them anytime soon. :"
And just FYI, i took the picts from, so it's not mine :D

1. Balmain
You will find many of houndstooth prints, denim, and baseball jacket in this collection. We all know that Balmain's collection is somehow edgy and boyish, and we will never get bored with it! I really like the baseball-style jacket, it's simple and pretty easy to mix with, especially when you're too lazy to dressed up. The jacket will speak for itself.
All hail Olivier Routsteing!!

2. Matthew Williamson
Whenever and whatever the season, i will always Matthew Williamson's collection. It's always bright and cheerful. I love the prints, the colors, and everything on it! it just perfect for me. On this Resort collection, you will find tropical tree prints, and if i'm not mistaken its the leaves of banana tree. you will find that prints on dresses, skirts, jacket, shirt, you name it!that prints varies in many colors like orange and blue.Not just tree prints, you will also find flower prints and even birds :D. 
 My Favorite piece on this collection is the blue printed-long sleeves dress. 

3. Mary Katrantzou
 Mary Katrantzou is a label that always provide us such a beautiful prints and extra-ordinary prints. i'm soooo obsessed with her and this label. On their Resort 2014 collection, you will see buildings, beach, and even sunset on their printed clothes. and as always, they're gorgeous!
Favorite piece(s) are...... all of them!!!hahaha. my most favorite might be the second or the fourth look from the picts below:

4. Peter Pilotto
Peter Pilotto is one of my favorite designers. Just like Mary Kantrantzou, Peter Pilotto is also using digital prints on his collection, but i think peter Pilotto also combine the digital prints with another prints like stripes or geometric. That combination is making a great combo! and i just can't get bored to see them.
on this collection,
My most-favorite look might be on the second pict 

5. Prabal Gurung
The combination between Red, Black, and White and also combination between yellow, white, and blue is dominating Prabal Gurung's Resort 2014 Collection. I always thought that the first combination  is a "safe" combination, and sometimes it might be boring. But, somehow when i look at this collection, i realized that i might be wrong. Prabal Gurung might be playing with the safe color combination, but the cutting of the clothes are "so-not-boring" and very exciting!

6. Roksanda Ilincic
Shades of blue is dominating in Roksanda Ilincic's Resort 2014 collection! 

There are so much more of my favorite look from Resort 2014 collection, but i just can't put them all here :" Maybe i could put the rest on the next post, like one designer one post. :D
Well, i think that's all for now.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Looks 2 - 5 are my faves.