Old Prom Dress

12:56 AM

Since i'm still on my looong looong days-off, i spent most of my time at home. And suddenly, i remember my old prom dress, and i wonder if it's still fits me or ot..
My prom dress was inspired by Marchesa's Spring 2010 collection's dress:

seeing this dress makes me remember how much i used to adore mini dresses hahaha, even you can count it with your finger how many times i wear it :D Now i prefer to wear something which is not showing too much skin, and when it comes to gown or formal dresses i prefer something like this:
This is Elie Saab Couture 2013. If i have another prom or any kind of ball, i would wear something like this :D
Below: me with my friend Bella and Gia, at our prom 3 years ago.

Aaaannndddd... this is mee! three years later, taking picts with my old prom dress! can't believe that i still fits me really well.. I guess by body hasn't change that much <3

im wearing the same headpiece that i wore on my prom night, even my hair is not the same. 

Seeing my old picts makes me remeber how much i changed, but i love the way i changed. Maybe three or six years from now, things will be different. but yeah, we'll never know how and what time will change us right?

Well, i think that's all for now..

Thanks for reading!

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