hot hot blue

4:50 AM

Today i was sooo hot! and it didn't rain (so far). doh!
today is the last day of f-in busy week. i got three presentations in a week, i'm feeling really tired. The hectic and busy week was the reason why i didn't post many photos lately, because i need to focused on my paperworks and presentations. Anyway, this presentations week is now over, and i "only" got few paperworks to do!
The presentation that i've done today was fine, and the lecture said that it was fine, but it needs some improvement. overall, it was fine. I'm so glad that i already finished my presentations.
For the outfit, i got this sweater from my mom. she said she bought it with her friends from some online department store, (she didn't mention the name of the online store). she told me that it was pretty cheap. my mom and her friends purchased five items, and only cost for like 125k Rupiahs! (whaaatttt???). I guess it was coming from a wholesale online store, where "more items that you purchased then the price will be even cheaper". i really love that kind of storee!! hahaha

The Outfit: Sweater - Unbranded | Necklace - Unbraded | Shoes - Shoe Corner | Black pants - Levi's | Backpack - Gecko | Ring - Random from Pasar Asemka (this is the place where you can get cute accessories in the lowest price)

Well, I think that's all for now
Thanks For Reading..



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  1. pants looks comfy!

    dress giveaway on my blog