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6:05 AM

today i went to ITC Mangga Dua and Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua with my mom and dad. it was sudden, and i was a lil bit surprised when my mom told me that she'll pay all the stuff that i would bought today, hahaha. seriously, i really have no idea what to buy. i went to the clothing section, and all i see is checkered prints and houndstooth everywhere. well, i guess we should thank Lous Vuitton and Salvatore Ferragamo for this new trends.
there was a checkered printed dress that i would love to buy, but i don't know why, i just feel not so sure to buy it. so, i decided not to buy any clothes, and bought some accessories instead.

i bought 5 piece of neon colored necklaces and 1 pyramid ring. and do you know how much it costs? onlu 150K rupiahs! it should be 300k something, but they give me 50% discount because i bought 6 pieces! wohoooooo!!! beside necklaces, i also bought 3 piece of belts, and they only cost like less than 50K.

I guess ITC Mangga Dua, and Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua is the best place for you to shop for accessories. because i think they're really fashion forward, and pretty cheap. especially when you buy many pieces, they will give you more discount! beside that, you can do bargaining! wohooooo! it's like shopping paradise! but yeah, it's pretty far from where i live in, so it's gonna take more effort for me to go there.

the belts

i was surprised to see this necklace's price. if i'm not mistaken, it also available on Forever 21. The forever 21 version is 2 times more expensive than this one. they look exactly the same, the only difference is on the colors.

this one is look exactly the same with new look, as you can see it here. in new look, it costs for like 5 poundsterling, mine is only cost for like half of that price :)

Well, i think that's all for now!

thanks for reading!


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