sunday meeting

5:46 AM

Today supposed to be my day off, but just can't have my day off. why? because i'll have 3 presentation for next week, and i need to start to work on those paperworks. (hell-o! hell week). I also have a meeting with one of designer that will show their collection on UI Fashion Week 2013. as for the meeting, i didn't feel like i'm working, because i think it was fun. especially, because i'm doing something that related to fashion-thingy. hehe

I took this pictures with self timer, and i guess they weren't that bad right?

The outfit: Leggings - Luna Maya For Hardware | Top - Vintage Passion | Bracelet - Random ITC Depok | Shoes - Unbranded | Bag - Kandang Sapi Buntal

That's all for now!
Thanks for reading!



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  1. Great look!! The pants are amazing!! Love your blog! Hope you visit mine!!