New Hair!

6:54 AM

it's been a while.. hahha
i've been kinda hectic lately, it's sooo tiring! today, i had my new haircut. (yaaaay finally!). it's been a while since the last time that i had this kinda haircut (the last time was high school i guess). i think it's pretty refreshing to have this haircut. for me, short haircut is nice and it;s pretty easy to maintain.
i took some pictures of me in the same outfit but in different hairstyle ( i took some before i had my new haircut, and some after).

the outfit :
Vintage Unbrande Grey Blazer from Pasar Senen | Multi-colored necklace - Unbranded | Striped tank top - Luna Maya for Hardware | Washed denim - Unbranded | Nude Flats - Unbranded (after) | Heels - Charles and Keith (before) | Black tote bag - Kandang Sapi Buntal

well, i think that's all for now.. Thanks for reading!



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