simple with a pop

5:24 AM

Today went just fine. like every wednesday that i have this term, i got such a long-time break, for about 3 hours. The good thing is that i didn't feel bored at all, cause i brought my laptop with me ;).
Today, just like my prediction, was sunny, and because of that, i choose this casual outfit. I'm glad that i chose this outfit, because i know that it would be a litte hot out there, and i was right.
The weather nowadays, seems hard to predict. I always look at the sky to see if it's going to be rain or not every morning. if it's going to rain, then i can wear my cardi or my jacket, but if it's going to be sunny and hot all day, i might wear my sheer shirt or my favorite t-shirt. The thing is, sometimes my prediction is wrong! hahaha.
okay, let's go to the outfit!
like i said before, i'm wearing this kind of simple and casual outfit, because i knew that it would be no rain and sunny. This top i got it from (x)sml, and i put a pink belt on it to give a "pop" effect. (not pop for "popular", but pop "pop" ).

the outfit: Top - (x)sml | Pants - Bershka | Bag - Mario | Sandals - Everbest | Ring - Pasar Asemka | Belt - Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua

I think that's all for now.. thanks for reading!


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