same jacket and pimple on my forehead

4:42 AM

Today i'm wearing the same jacket that i wore from the last post. i wore it, because i know that it would be freaking cold in my classroom, and because it was still on my sofa and i didn't have much time to pick anotheer jacket in my closet this morning (yeah, i was late for class )
Today i spent 3 hours in my university's library to watch grey's anatomy season 9 hahahahaha. i love that series, especially Derek Shepherd. Seriously, if he's my personal doctor i won't mind to be sick! hahaha (i didn't really mean it, no one wants to be sick, right?)
The bad thing is that there's a pimple on my forehead. i really didn't see it coming until this morning, it's red and it's hurt. Such a bad thing.. (you can see it on one of the pict that i  took)

The outfit: Unbranded Black Ts | Yellowline pants | Unbranded  Necklace | Unbranded Blazer | Unbranded flats | Kandang Sapi Buntal Tote Bags

Well i think that's all
Thanks for reading !



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