(late post) Happy BIrthday Kakanyaaah!!!

5:37 AM

i should have posted this yesterday .___.
Yesterday was my boyfriend's 21st birthday. we were so busy yesterday, so we only got only a couple of chances to talk to each other and gave him presents. my present was two pieces of cupcakes! hahaha. i really have no idea what to gave him as a birthday present (literally don't have any idea). maybe i really should give him another present, but maybe not now. because until now, til the time i worote this post, i still don't have any idea. There are couple of things that i thought could be a really nice present, but yeah, i'm not so sure about the. -..-

the cupcakes. the pink one is should be his face. but in reality, he looks nothing like that, except for the hair  (maybe), but he's not bald! hahaha

this is me, taking this pict with silly faces. i took this pict on 3rc may night.

the other thing, i forgot to take a picture of him! i tooootaaaallly forgot! :(

Well,  once again, happy birthday kakanyaaah <3!!


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